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Latest 18th June 2013 - 299 images from Big Brother 14. We have images from the first 4 days with this update.

Well we have another year of Big Brother and 15 new housemates. Though that number needs to come with a modifier as the one housemate is actually two housemates as they are twins and another housemate is not a real housemate but a plant/stooge/mole/puppet/actor.

The show also comes with a new host. Brian Dowling has been booted and BB BOTS presenter Emma Willis is now taking over the main show duties. She certainly has better presenting skills than Brian, even though she did accidently say Channel 4 instead of Channel 5 on the second launch night. Ooops! There is also a new presenter for Bit On The Side too in AJ Odudu. She seems quite nice from the few shows I have watched to far. Cute girl with a nice body and seems to have some decent presenting skills. She is joined on BB BOTS by Celebrity BB winner Rylan Clark. He sort of grew on me in Celeb BB in the winter so I'm not too bothered about this. However, what's wrong with his teeth? Were they always that funny looking? They just look too perfect that it's clearly a manufactured job done by a dentist. Reminds me of how weird Dennis Waterman or Martin Sheen's teeth look. Just freaky!

So what do we think of the Housemates this year? I'd have to say that I'm really disappointed. It looks like the producers have catered to the female audience wishes with lots of attractive men but not the male audience wishes. In fact in some cases you would have to say that the women in the show are also catering to the female audience. We know the female audience hates the young attractive girls and always vote them out first. So it appears they have tried to balk that trend by putting older women in the show, or women that aren't very attractive or just plain ugly. The oldest man in the show being 33 and all the others being under 30, yet the oldest woman in the show is 59 and another one who is 41.

Lets break them down shall we. The first girl we saw was Sallie. This girl has a very pretty face, however she is covered in tattoo's. If there's one thing I hate more than tattoo's? It's one of my biggest bugbears that I absolutely hate and despise tattoo's. Particularly on women. I find them such a huge turn off. For instance, a few years ago, my favourite Girls Aloud babe used to be Cheryl Cole as she just had the most amazingly sexy legs. Then she got that ugly looking tattoo on the top of her thigh and it's like 'well, I don't fancy you anymore'. Recently Cheryl has gotten an even bigger tattoo on the bottom of her back and I think it's the ugliest thing I ever saw on a woman. A girls body is a beautiful thing so I don't get why some women feel the need to try and decorate it even more to make it look more appealing. I equate it to putting a moustache on the Mona Lisa and saying it looks better. It doesn't. Why mess with perfection? Dozy bints!

Next was Wolfy. The least said about this girl the better. Fat and ugly is being polite. After that it was Jemima the 41 year old. A nice body for someone of her age but a shocking personality. I mean she runs a website to hook up young girls with rich Sugar Daddies? Then there was Sophie. A short, slightly chunky girl with a nasty looking tongue piercing. Another bugbear. Any piercing not in the ears I also find a huge turn off. She does seem quite sweet though. Just not that hot. So that was all the girls on launch night one. A below average bunch of misfits.

The women on launch night two were slightly better, but only just. First off there was posh totty Gina. A very nice looking body but a complete snob with a heinous personality. They wonder why women are always the first out in this show. Well, is it any surprise when you put people in like that? She's more acerbic than lemon juice. Next up was Hazel, the Irish model. Perhaps the most archetypal Big Brother female housemate and the best looking so far and thankfully no hideous looking body art. Then there was the final two female housemates. A mother and daughter combo in Charlie, the daughter, and Jackie. I'm not too bothered about having a mother and daughter in there as they both seem quite nice. The daughter is relatively cute and quite normal looking. The mother seems quite nice but for a 59 year old is understandably past her best in terms of looks.

So where are the women you can really like? Yes there might be women in the show this year that other women can like but what about the women men will like? A rare commodity indeed. Someone sweet and adorable that is also as hot as hell? Like cute Lauren from last year? Grated on the female audience but such a sweet girl that liked to flirt with the boys. This is apparently the biggest no no in Big Brother. If you are a girl, don't tease the boys the audience fancy. You'll be out quick sharp.

As I say the males are all pretty normal. The twins Jack and Joe seem quite sweet. Though I do find it odd that one is straight and one is gay and I can't tell which is which as they are both quite effeminate. Sam has a bit of a speech impediment as he has 80% hearing loss but seems really nice. I would imagine he would probably be favourite to win the show as he is quite attractive and you know how much we love to vote in this country for, to quote Game of Thrones, 'Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things' - (a euphemism for anything not normal). Dexter looks like an interesting character too. The rest of the men are boring non-entities and just there as eye candy for the girls really, or gay boys in some cases.

The one major twist this year is one of the 'Housemates' isn't a real housemate but an actor placed in there to stir things up. That is Michael the supposed Irish postman. It's funny how every year the housemates always think there is a stooge in there with them. This year though they'd be right. It awaits to be seen how he will fare as a mole. I'd have to say his acting skills are a little hit and miss. In the main house he seems ok. However, when hamming it up in the Diary Room he seems a little wooden with unrealistic emotions.

It's going to be a long summer then if I have to watch this lot for the next 10 weeks and fain some interest. The cute girls in the show are normally enough to keep me watching. However, this year that resolve could be sorely tested and I wouldn't be surprised if I bail out before the end through lack of motivation.

Big Brother 2013 Housemates - Charlie Travers, Gina Rio, Hazel O'Sullivan, Jackie Travers, Jemima Slade, Sallie Axl, Sophie Lawrence & Wolfy Millington + Main show host and Big Brother's Bit On The Side - Emma Willis, AJ Odudu

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